Are you ready to combine Oxford, Harvard and New York as part of a 10 ECTS course?

Are you excited to improve your skills in public speaking, negotiation and diplomacy?

Are you ready for a new challenge beyond your curriculum?

Join the Delegation!

The United Netherlands Delegation is an exclusive program where you get taught in the theory and practice of multilateral diplomacy, while focussing on self-development. Each academic year, 30 selected students from various Dutch universities participate in this program. Every Friday, from September to February, we will teach you everything there is to know
about public speaking, negotiation and diplomacy. You will get academic lectures from experts in their field, as well as masterclasses from professionals working at international institutions. This academic course is accredited with 10 ECTS. Also, we will take you to Oxford, Harvard, and New York to participate in their Model United Nations (MUN) conferences.
Grab this opportunity to learn from our years of experience in the field of diplomacy, and apply for the Delegation!

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