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INVITE: Dialogue on the process towards FREEDOM OF RELIGION OR BELIEF FOR ALL.
What the UN, EU, and NL do.

Speakers: Human Rights Ambassador Kees van Baar, Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
Member of European Parliament Dr. Dennis de Jong; Prof. Cees Flinterman; Prof. Theo van Boven; moderator Prof. Yvonne Donders.

Date: Thursday, 16 June 2016
Time: 19.00-22.00 (doors open: 18.30)
Venue: De Haagse Hogeschool (Aula), Johanna Westerdijkplein 75, 2521 EN Den Haag Entrance: free

Registration open until June 12th  (mandatory)
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Can you live freely according to your beliefs? Are you free to change your religion or have no belief? What will your family and friends say? Will you still have the same rights and opportunities to contribute to your society? Will you be persecuted by other religious groups or even your own government? If you cannot freely express your religion or belief, what can the UN, the EU, and your country do?

Freedom of religion or belief is a fundamental right. Which mechanisms are in place at UN level, how does the EU and the European Parliament respond, what are the key elements of the Dutch policy within the EU and the UN? Five renowned speakers with broad and extensive experience in the field of human rights will shed light on the mechanisms, practices, impacts, and hopes for the future.

For whom?

If you are interested in what the UN, EU, and NL are doing for Freedom of Religion or Belief, you are welcome! It is an opportunity to network. For students, SIB students, representatives of religions and NGOs, members of the Dutch United Nations Association (NVVN), the Platform for Freedom of Religion and Belief, Breed Overleg Godsdienstvrijheid (BOG).

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