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New edition VN Forum with chief editor Hugo Klijn (Clingendael Institute): Are Arms controlling us, or can we take back control?

Maarten LakUN Forum editorial board Negotiating to reduce armament and thus achieve more security was in fashion in the latter decades of the 20th century. It has lost much of its appeal as the world moved on. Did we lose hope? Or were we distracted?  As new technologies and create unheard of vulnerabilities, the debate for safer world conditions shifts to another level. Are not most wars internal conflicts? Our year 2020 is a tricky time for global governance. A transitional phase from one ‘world order’ to the next. No power like the United States and the Russian Federation,...

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Wapenbeheersing is thema van gloednieuw dossier in VN Forum: ‘Are Arms controlling us, or can we take back control?’

Ivette VisscherRedactie VN Forum De redactie zet bewust dit ‘klassieke’ thema op de agenda. Onder de oppervlakte rommelt het vervaarlijk op het wereldtoneel. Zo trekt de VS zich terug uit (VN-)verdragen en dreigen autonome wapens de menselijke regie te overstijgen. Hugo Klijn (Clingendael Instituut) is gasthoofdredacteur; een specialist met grote naam op dit thema. Hugo Klijn zet met een keur aan auteurs de geschiedenis én de nieuwste ontwikkelingen op een rij. Met als centrale vraag: hoe kan de afkalving van het kwetsbare en zwaar bevochten (machts)evenwicht een halt toe worden geroepen? Neem een kijkje in het dossier: ‘Are Arms...

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Weapons of Mass Destruction: Collapsing Arms Control?

Auteur: Sico van der MeerDossier: ‘Are Arms controlling us, or can we take back control?‘Gasthoofdredacteur: Hugo Klijn During and after the Cold War many effective arms control agreements with regard to Weapons of Mass Destruction were successfully negotiated. Yet, in the last few years many of these agreements have been abandoned or are under pressure. What is happening? Arms control agreements with regard to nuclear, chemical and biological weapons negotiated during and after the Cold War used to be highly successful. Treaties such as the Non-Proliferation Treaty, the Biological Weapons Convention and the Chemical Weapons Convention set a strong...

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Auteur: Hugo KlijnDossier: ‘Are Arms controlling us, or can we take back control?‘Gasthoofdredacteur: Hugo Klijn This edition of UN Forum is dedicated to arms control. In recent times, arms control has re-emerged as a topical issue, but sadly for the wrong reasons. One may look at arms control as a kind of barometer, measuring geopolitical pressures among states. Given the current upsurge in great power rivalry, it was probably to be expected that existing agreements would come under fire, or that no political will is being mustered to update regimes, let alone establish new ones. Having more prominent actors...

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Event: Belgium in the Security Council: Experience after 20 months

Under the United Nations Charter, the Security Council has primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security. Belgium was elected to the UNSC  for a two-year period covering the years 2019 and 2020. What does this participation represent for a country like Belgium? What were its priorities, especially in thematic files? What has Belgium been able to achieve as a member and during her presidency of the Council last February? What were the difficulties it encountered? How will the remaining four months of its mandate look like? How does the Council work? What is the relationship and...

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