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Migration and Education: International Student Mobility

Migration and Education: International Student Mobility by Julia Reinold Introduction International student mobility (ISM) and the internationalisation of higher education (IoHE) receive increasing attention for some time already, especially since they relate to sensitive topics of public concern including education, migration and development. Migration for education is not a new phenomenon. However, the number of foreign students enrolled in tertiary education worldwide rose significantly during the past decades, from 0.8 million in 1975 to 4.6 million in 2015, with the US, the UK and Australia being the top destination countries. The share of international students remained relatively stable over...

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Corruption and Migration: what is the connection?

Corruption and Migration: what is the connection? By Ortrun Merkle Listening to migrants’ experiences, corruption plays an important role in shaping both their decisions to migrate as well as the experiences they have along the journey. Researchers have however only recently begun to look at the connection between these two phenomena. Three questions need to be asked when we want to understand how corruption and migration are interlinked: 1) what do we mean with corruption in the context of migration; 2) how does corruption impact peoples’ decision to leave their home country?; and 3) how do people experience corruption...

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Consider migrant realities

Consider migrant realities For coherent and complementary integration and development policies By Özge Bilgili In international migration, policy discussions revolve around three main issues: management of migration flows, immigrant integration, and migration effects on social, economic, political and human development in origin countries. In all these policy dimensions, a mismatch exists between policy changes in the recent years and the realities on the ground. Broadly speaking, I see the following mismatches: firstly, there is a transition towards stricter migration control independent of the fact that many destination countries are in need of labor that can be provided by migrants....

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Migration & knowledge transfer

Migration & knowledge transfer By Charlotte Mueller “It’s amazing what migrants bring”. This was the slogan of a 2013 media campaign by the International Organization for Migration (IOM). It displayed sketches of migrants, carrying suitcases filled with “multitasking skills”, “heaps of team spirit”, “a love of teaching”, “strength for building”, “twelve years of study”… The main message: migrants bring valuable skills, expertise and knowledge to their country of destination and thereby make an important and positive contribution to the societies of destination country. Yet, this is only one aspect of migration and knowledge transfer. The topic is of much...

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Migration and Development

De nieuwe editie van VN Forum is van start gegaan: ‘Migration and Development’ Mondiaal worden liefst circa 250 miljoen mensen aangemerkt als migrant (waaronder ruim 65 miljoen vluchtelingen in 2016). De wereld, ónze wereld, is letterlijk in beweging. Want de Noordwest-Europese landen hebben de laatste jaren te maken met een forse migrantentoestroom. Het is een ingewikkelde kwestie; een wirwar van redenen speelt mee in zo’n besluit om huis en haard te verlaten. Een onderschatte drijfveer, zo blijkt in deze editie, is bijvoorbeeld de factor corruptie. En migratie heeft meer onderbelichte kanten. Juist door de complexiteit van migratie gaan we...

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