Wereldfederatie WFUNA, de koepel van VN-verenigingen, bestaat dit jaar 65 jaar. Nederland behoort tot een van de oprichters! Ter gelegenheid van deze verjaardag heeft secretaris-generaal Ban Ki-Moon van de VN een felicitatie gezonden, te vinden viawww.wfuna.org.

WFUNA vertelt zelf: Just one year after the proclamation of the UN Charter, WFUNA was founded in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, on 2 August 1946 by 22 United Nations Associations. This year marks the 65th anniversary of this historic Plenary Assembly, and the occasion to celebrate the anniversary of WFUNA and its founding members. In 1946 the founding UNAs were ahead of their time ā€“ recognizing the increasing interdependence of global issues, the unique and essential role of the United Nations, and the need for a dynamic and resourceful civil society to champion it. Today, the role of WFUNA and UNAs has become ever more valuable as we support and aid the United Nations in tackling diverse international challenges, and work towards strengthening and improving the world body.